Numbers Defined as

Another way to define the numbers–remembering that numbers are symbolic and represent states of consciousness–is by understanding the energy inherent in each numerical archetype. This may sound overly esoteric but if we feel the way energy affects us, moves through us and impacts our world, perhaps this idea becomes more practical.

1. Energy as impulse

2. Energy received

3. Energy expressed

4. Energy defined

5. Energy transformed

6. Energy harmonized
and balanced

7. Energy understood
and grounded through

8. Energy manifested

9. Energy surrendered
for transcendence

Following the Energy

We can also look at number symbolism through the lens of where that energy tends to go in love, both experienced and expressed:
  1. Experiences love through positive self-identity and a vital link with source. Expresses love in action, desire to be received.
  2. Experiences love as merging, unifying, receiving opening. Expresses love in healing the wound of separation.
  3. Experiences love through joy and play. Expresses love through spontaneous creativity and communication.
  4. Experiences love through the physical, nature, animals, order and form.  Expresses love through work, discipline and by providing safe space for others.
  5. Experiences love through the energy of magnetism, freedom and transformation. Expresses love through the sensual, mystical and anything that creates change.
  6. Experiences love by creating an atmosphere where those they love can be themselves without judgment. Expresses love ideally as unconditional acceptance.
  7. Experiences love in solitude and self -reflection. Expresses love in patience and wise counsel.
  8. Experiences love through a deep awareness of spiritual empowerment. Expresses love in manifest form, self-accomplishment and personal power.
  9. Experiences love through surrender to the Divine. Expresses love through acceptance, empathy, passion and compassion.