Prayers for each of the Numbers

1) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I have the courage to be myself. May I honor and be filled with your life giving energy. May I begin what I am urged to, with faith and focus though sometimes completely in the dark as to the outcome. May I bare the torch and blaze the trail for others.

2) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I open to receive love and the blessing of relationship. May I know my boundaries in order that my arms may extend without blindness or fear. May I trust and strengthen my intuitive gifts and use them in the service of healing with gentleness, kindness and love.

3) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I express on Earth your boundless energy and creative power. May I communicate joy and laughter to my loved ones, friends and community. May these spontaneous outpourings be a reminder to all of the value of play and the magic of childlike innocence.

4) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I work with the laws you have provided that define this physical Universe. May I understand the deeper meaning of discipline, structure and order, enabling  me to build my life on the solid foundation of truth.

5) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I be willing to shift, change, grow and expand my reality. May I embrace those aspects of life that challenge me to risk what I have known; security, place, identity in order that I may experience the magic of the unknown. May I stay centered in the midst of my transformation.

6) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I allow myself to receive the grace of unconditional love no matter what my circumstances. May this willingness enable me to hold and express unconditional love for others. May I bring into balance and harmony all the pieces of my tapestry in order that I may express this abundance through music, art, color and the dance of life.

7) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I be willing to detach from the world outside in order to take a deeper journey within. May I develop patience, objectivity and a finer perception of spiritual laws and the wisdoms they teach.  May I share this knowledge with others, without a need for perfection or self righteousness.

8) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I manifest my highest experience of your magnificence into this world of physical reality with the intention of not distorting your perfection. May the axiom "as above-so below" provide an infinite mantra of remembrance and knowledge that " spiritual empowerment" comes before "worldly power."

9) Great Spirit-God of Creation—May I align my hard won "selfhood" in an attitude of service to my brothers and sisters. May I be willing to surrender any and all parts of my life, my thoughts, my actions that stand in the path of that service. may my passion and my compassion blend as one energy that I may use for all you put before me
Copyright 2004 Susan Kirk